5 Tips to Create Balance this Holiday Season

It’s Here: The Holiday Season!

Creating balance during this busy time of year that can often leave us feeling overwhelmed, stressed, sleep deprived. A common side effect of all of these is poor food choices. And with the overwhelming amount of high sugar foods and cocktails that are floating around, here are a few things you can do to stay on track:

1. Drink Responsibly 

Cocktails, mocktails, hot chocolate and eggnog, oh my! These are often high in calories and packed with sugar. Set a drink limit for yourself (before heading out to christmas-cocktail-2.jpgthe party) and stick to it! Alternate each drink with water. And remember, don’t drink and drive!

2. Go for the Veggies

Fill your plate with veggies and dip, salad and fruit. Consuming the “good stuff” will fill you up before you know it and help curb sugar cravings later.

3. Eat beforehand

Depriving yourself of food during the day so you can eat later will often lead to over-eating, bloating and guilt. Avoid this by fuelling your body with the right foods and lots of water all day. Don’t be afraid to eat a healthy meal with protein before going out. This is a great strategy to stay full longer, so you will be less likely to load up on carbs and sweets.

4. Take downtime, just for you.

Whether it’s a workout, a 30 minute walk, a book and cup of tea, or taking 5 deep breaths every hour during the day, taking time out for yourself is important. It is typical to spend more time with family, friends and in crowds this time of year and for many of us, that feeling can become overwhelming. Whatever fits your mood in the moment, take some time to get your mind off of everyone else and shift the focus to yourself. This isn’t selfish, but rather a more productive way of ensuring that you are with others, you’ll be able to give them 100% of your positive attention.

5. DO Enjoy Yourself

It is OK to enjoy foods that you don’t eat very often. One thing I tell my clients is to plan ahead mentally. Be ready for all of the Holiday offerings – chocolates, pies, cookies, etc. Give yourself permission to enjoy, but to not over do it. We all know what a sugar and/alcohol hang over feels like in our 30s, right? If you’re not there yet, you’ll find out soon enough. Be good to yourself!

One more thing that I’d like to add is to keep up with your physical activity as much as you can. If you’ve kept to a pretty good routine this year, don’t break it for the sake of the Holidays. Physical activity will help you maintain good energy levels and it can help reduce stress/anxiety.

Stay safe this Holiday Season!

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