Why Personal Trainers Make Business Sense

The New Year is upon us. You’ve set big goals for your business this year. There is no doubt that while it won’t be easy, you will work towards achieving those goals. But what about personal goals? More specifically, personal health? As a business owner, your health and wellness is of the utmost importance (because, whose running things? Amiright?)

It’s no secret that some of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet have a solid workout routine. Whether they are runners, play recreational sports or go to a gym, they schedule time to keep their health in check. So this year, it’s your turn.

Your task list is huge and decision making is constant. If the thought of adding a personal workout routine to that list sounds exasperating, then you may want to consider hiring a personal trainer.

A qualified personal trainer is more than someone who shows you “how to exercise”. They work with you, holding you accountable to set and exceed personal goals. For the entrepreneur who is aiming high in business, having a personal trainer is like having any other important figure on a team that helps drive the business forward:

  1. Time is Money.

With a trainer, your time is booked ahead and the programming is already done. All you have to do is show up. The hour with a trainer is (should be) productive. By prioritizing your fitness, you’re keeping yourself at the top of your physical and business game.

2. Increase Productivity.

It has been proven that exercise can increase overall productivity in the workplace. The simple explanation is that exercising increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain and body. The result is improved mental alertness and energy levels.

So basically, smash your workout. Smash your strategy session.

Also, since you’ll be focusing on keeping yourself healthy, there will be less sick days to be had. Not that you have to call in sick, Boss.

  1. Mental health.

One word: Endorphins. Exercise releases this happy hormone. It boosts your mood and provides mental clarity; not to mention your interactions with your team and business associates will be much more positive.

Nothing clears my mind like slamming a medicine ball and lifting heavy things, don’t you agree? You’ll come back feeling refreshed. I promise.

  1. Accountability

A good trainer will block time for you at the gym. A great trainer will call you, text you, and show up at your door if they don’t hear from you. There are no excuses. Your sessions are paid for and booked. Your Coach is waiting.

  1. Builds Confidence

Setting and exceeding personal goals in a gym environment is ridiculously satisfying. And yes, the physical changes that occur as a result of consistent training can also help improve how you feel about yourself. When you feel great from the inside out, the way you present yourself changes. Your team and clients will notice when you walk in taller, happier and speaking with confidence.

If you’re stuck wondering how to fit it all in, consider personal training as part of your personal business investment. Sure, it may feel like you’re taking away time from a working day but the end result is a more effective and productive work day, and better long term health. Now doesn’t this sound like an easy decision to make?

Thought so. Want to get started? Email me at info@reenaparekh.com

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