Mini Break: Time away from social media does a mind (+body) good

I love social media. I admit it. I love that it gives ordinary people like you and I, a voice. A place to express our thoughts and feelings. A place where we have the opportunity to make connections with like minded individuals. Get inspired, be creative, learn and so much more.

There’s no argument that social media can impact your well-being in negative way. It’s an addictive alternate reality where things we see are carefully produced, written, edited and fit into a mould of perceived perfection that we feel we should also achieve.

How you choose to use it and allow it to impact your life, is ultimately up to you. You are in charge of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

So, if you’re aware that Instagram makes you feel less than, I suggest deleting the app from your phone.

For someone like myself who spends a great deal of time online, I thrive on the connections it gives me. I also quite enjoy following fellow fitness, health and wellness pros because we’re into the same things and I find a good handful of them inspiring.


Last week, I had the opportunity to leave the country, spend time in the sun and on the beach with my family. No better time to take a social media break and avoid Instagram, emails and surfing altogether. I had *very minimal* activity on Facebook, so this wasn’t a total cleanse. And it was only for 7 days. But for someone like me, who spends quite a bit of time online, it forced a big change in my daily behaviours. And that’s a WIN I’ll take! Here’s a few thoughts on what went down…

  1. I felt more connected to the present. It felt amazing to be in the moment without clutching my phone in one hand capturing what was happening in front of me. I had a real chance to “be” with myself and my family.
  2. I had a chance to clear my thoughts. Social media can cause “mental clutter” so just like cleaning out your closet and making space for new pieces, this also felt pretty awesome . I was able to think more clearly and make decisions about things happening in my personal and professional life.
  3. I spent less time on my phone. I naturally gravitated away from using my phone altogether. I didn’t check other apps, email or even surfed the internet. There was a sense of ‘calm’ that came with detaching myself from my phone.
  4. I felt free from the addictive nature of likes, followers and comments. And the pressure to reciprocate. (Which, can sometimes create unnecessary pressure and obligation. Ever notice that?)
  5. My gym sessions were more efficient. Because I was more focused on the session, not on filming. (What? You think I skipped the gym just because I was on vacation? ;))

All this from seven days! Imagine what a full “detox” would accomplish. I imagine if I did this while in my home city, it would have been much more difficult but also much more productive.

So would I do it again? Yes. This time for longer and with more intention. And to see if my above prediction is correct.

Have you taken a social media hiatus? What did you think? DM me on the ‘Gram @reenapfit or leave a comment below!



One thought on “Mini Break: Time away from social media does a mind (+body) good

  1. Emma Rohmann says:

    YES! Love this. This is why I love my “vacations in the woods” (aka camping). There’s no wifi and the phone doesn’t leave the car in the parking lot. Thanks for the reminder that we can do it at home too (it’s just harder to make happen….).


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