Five Protein Snacks (on the go!)

Eating on the go can get tricky. If we don’t plan ahead, we’re looking for a quick fix and that can often lead to impulsive purchases. Now, imagine if you had things in the fridge you can grab and throw into your bag; so when hunger does strike you’ve got something within reach AND it’s going to be satiating, will fuel your body, make you feel good about your decision and save you time and money! WOW!

Having protein snacks on the go can do all of these things for you. Here are my top five picks: 

1> Nutritional Shake > These are great, especially if you end up skipping meals. Nutritional shakes often include protein, fat, greens, vitamins and minerals which encompass a balanced meal. It’ll keep you fuelled for longer. Keep in mind, whole foods are always better as a general rule, but these shakes can do what you need them to do if you’ve got a busy day ahead. One of my favourites is VEGA Nutritional Shake.

2> Boiled Eggs > Eggs have about 6-7g of protein each. It’s a solid snack that will keep you satiated and fuelled until your next meal. If you’re eating eggs daily, opt for organic.

3> Crispy Tofu > One of my new favourites! The original recipe on Minimalist Baker gets these done in about 25 minutes. Just pop ’em in the oven during your regular meal prep. My twist? I shake up the types of spices I use, like adding a little curry powder adds a whole new level of yum. You can have them on the go, or throw them into a dinner dish like Thai Curry. These are great for my son’s lunch bag too!

4> Overnight Oats with Protein > An excellent way to start your day with protein, fats and complex carbs. It’ll wake you up and get your body energized. Texturally, this can take getting used too. But with the right ingredients, it can also become your new favourite breakfast. One of my favourite combinations was given to me by my Coach, Daly Dose of Health. She adds: 1/2c of oats, 1/2 cup of cherries (or mixed berries),  1 tbsp. almond butter, 1 scoop of protein powder and tops it off with almond milk. I cannot express how good this is. I eat it almost everyday for breakfast.

5> Greek Yogurt Cup > A 100g cup of plain Greek yogurt has about 9g of protein! Opt for 0% M.F. and add a small handful of raw cashews. Be aware of the flavoured cups that can be quite high in added sugars, but otherwise these make for a super easy “grab n go” snack.

Now, if you’re wondering why I haven’t put veggies and hummus on here it’s because most people find it boring and secondly, it’s not “high in protein” (comparatively). Is it still a healthy snack? Sure! The thing about going for something that is lower in fat (note this is different than “low fat” advertised foods) and high protein is that you’ll feel full longer, increase energy level and will avoid consuming too many extra cals during the day (save those for your meals!).

What are some of your favourite on the go snacks?


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