Reena Parekh is a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and owner of Reena Parekh Fitness, specializing in private and group instruction for individuals and corporate clients. During her near decade-long career in corporate event management, Reena earned her Sport and Event Marketing certificate and became certified as a Fitness Instructor Specialist and Nutrition and Weight Loss Specialist with CanFit Pro, teaching fitness classes and educational seminars on health, nutrition, and wellness management to colleagues and at corporate conferences. She began training full time and went on to earn a CoreFX Conditioning Specialist Certification from CoreFX in 2017. She is currently working towards earning the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Since 2010, Reena has been training at various locations including Goodlife Fitness, Core Body Science, and Bomb! Fitness, winner of the 2017 NOW Magazine Best Gym/Fitness Club award.

In 2016, Reena launched Reena Parekh Fitness. With her private and corporate clientele, she promotes a holistic, balanced lifestyle and works toward imparting health and mental wellness, having fun, and achieving attainable individual goals- whether to boost athletic performance or to simply have more energy to get through the rigors of daily life.

Reena lives in Toronto with her son and husband, a chef and owner of East of York Gourmet Food Co.